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Great Britain’s government strictly regulates official document issuing, making it hardly possible for expats or people with a temporary resident identity card to obtain the documents they need.  Whether you want to get a real UK driver’s license or a passport, you need to meet certain criteria like being above the age of 17, show a clean record, stay in a country for over 185 days, and others. You should get ready for a true bureaucratic hell as Brits is a nation that adores rules. The first step on your way to getting a UK driver’s license will be applying for a provisional license. It may take from one to three weeks, not counting weekends and national celebrations. As soon as your identity is confirmed, you will be invited to pass a driving test. You will have to show your driving skills to an instructor like parking and circling. Please note that the United Kingdom is a country where people drive on the left. If you come from another state, get ready to change your habits. Another block of testing is theory. You will have to pass an exam on traffic regulations. If you won’t get enough points on a theoretical or practical block of an exam, you will be rejected and have to start all over again. 

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